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What is Super Bridge Crosser?

Pretty much this game is an experiment I started when I was like 14 or something... technically 12 but I scrapped the first two builds. This game is mostly me learning how game design functions in order to prepare myself for my future of game development. The game itself suffers many flaws, such as poor perspective, moderate animations, and downright terrible optimization (which is why I made it 8 bit, not for nostalgia, just because I'm lazy). Also, as I started development with literally no idea what I was doing, the game starts off poor, and gets better over time.

As for how the game plays, it is a top down platformer. The game is fairly slow paced, and is based off of timing in order to succeed. Though there are occasional puzzle elements, this game is hardly a puzzle game, and skill is mostly what determines victory. The main hazards include enemy projectiles and falling off of bridges... lots of falling off of bridges. In total there are around 100 levels, depending on your defintion of "level" there could be anything from 0 to like something fairly higher than 100.

I did not make this game expecting a profit, I'm only charging for it because my college (Digipen) that I'm going to is hardly considered cheap. This game cost almost all of my savings over the years in development to create, and I doubt I'll come close to earning that back. The main reason I made the game was to see if I had the determination to start and finish a project, as if I wasn't able to complete a project now, then I'd never be able to. From this point onward, I plan on completing college and getting an advanced comprehension on game design, so that I can create a series of games that I have well planned out, and possibly an HD remake of Super Bridge Crosser that is more enjoyable.


Evil Dark Lord John steals Billy's pie... Billy teams up with Wally to get it back. Top notch plot, where's my Pulitzer?


The protagonist of the game. Billy was waiting for his pie to cool off when it was stolen by John, now he must use his feet to walk across treacherous bridges. He's a bit playful and has a freakish obsession with fish.

I guess he's supposed to be the aid in the story, but he doesn't do much other than whine about getting fed. He has 4 eyes, 3 legs, 2 mouths, 1 hand, and 0 jobs. (likely to be renamed "Wallace" in a future remake)

An evil dark lord... *ahem* "Evil Dark Lord" who for some reason wanted to steal Billy's pie... but why? This isn't actually answered in this game so I have no idea why I'm asking... who am I kidding? I just wanted to make the rhyme.




Elliott Strait


David Hoang - Most of the work (misspelled name in game, whoops) ¯\_ツ_/¯

Elliott Strait - Minor input

Vocal Cords

Elliott Strait - Billy

Spencer Thut - Wally

Léo Vinaimont - John

Dylan McLaughlin - Steve

Izac Ungashick - Octopwn & Quadrapi

Tasty Lemon ™


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